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Marquis Grissom Quotes

6 Marquis Grissom quotes:

"I don't care if he doesn't hit another homer the rest of his life, he's the greatest player that ever played the game. If this is it for him, people get better get out there now because you're missing the greatest show on earth."
Author: Grissom Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"It's been a pretty fun ride along the way. I came into spring training to this organization to really see if I could go out and play baseball again for another year. And I got that opportunity from the Cubs. It didn't work out. Over a period of the last two, three weeks, I've been going in and out, strength-wise, body-wise emotionally, whether I wanted to do it, could I do it."
Author: Grissom Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I'm at peace with myself. I'm happy. I feel like the whole world has been lifted off my shoulders."
Author: Grissom Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"He already has the skills. You just have to show them the right direction to go, work habits. He has to work hard, which he already does."
Author: Grissom Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"I can only do what I do. That's who I am. I just go out and try to play baseball, the old-school way, the old-fashioned way. Everybody come together as one. We're a team, a unit, have the same thing in common throughout the season and that's to go out and try to win each and every day. I'm that kind of player and can bring that to the table. I like to be an example on the field, too. It's a situation that's good for me."
Author: Grissom Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes
"The sooner and better they understand themselves, the better baseball player they'll be. That's the best teacher of all, experience."
Author: Grissom Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes

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