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"Best hitting coach in baseball, ... He has this way of communicating and getting things through to you. We look at what we're doing like what Tiger Woods went through, revamping the swing. He took a few steps back and one step forward."
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"I felt for Bard behind the plate. That job is not fun, it's a battle every five days. I'd rather hit it than catch it."
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"I just go up there and whale away after it and hope it hits the barrel of the bat. I don't think there's any plan. The biggest key is having guys on base. When you do that, he has to throw it for a strike. If he does, he might leave it up, it will tumble more and you can get good swings at it."
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"I'm going to go in and say goodbye to my teammates and start packing and get my stuff ready to go to Toronto. I'm excited. I honestly am. It's an opportunity to play, it's a great organization, there's some great people there that I do know from a long time ago. I'm just excited to get over there."
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"I'm done trying to figure those things out, ... The more I try to figure them out, the bigger headache I get."
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"It seems like each night we've talked about it. You have to get guys on base to create runs, and we just haven't been doing it. We're a better hitting team than this. I think everybody knows that."
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"I feel comfortable here. Last year, I wasn't at all. It was my fault for not handling the trade well."
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"I guess my job, ... is to come out and do well in batting practice."
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