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"He had confidence coming out of Spring Training, and [manager] Clint [Hurdle] and the staff had confidence in him. This isn't foreign to them because they got to live with him, got to see him work. He's our guy. In a perfect world, he would have had a few more starts in Triple-A, but he pitched well."
"He looks good. He's changed his body. He's a baseball player, first and foremost. He's not too big; he's not too muscular."
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"We want him to pitch in surroundings where he's comfortable and we can travel to see him pitch."
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"He's got the makings, the talents, the tools of a big-league pitcher, and he's learning how to pitch. He's learning how to set hitters up. In the past, he might try to strike everybody out, because he's got such good stuff. We've got to teach him about pitching, and he's learning."
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"He's got big-time power and plays a good first-base."
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"You don't have to worry about slumps with him because he can always bunt to get on base."
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"We've definitely re-established our philosophy. We're going to go with player development and scouting. And we're going to have to be totally overwhelmed (to make any trades). We're going to let players develop in their own time and go with the guys in our system. We saw last year how important it is to be patient and the best is yet to come."

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