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Jay Miller Quotes

8 Jay Miller quotes:

"If you miss four or five games as a season-ticket holder, either Reid or Reese or myself is going to call you [asking] where you've been. We really get to know our fans."
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"They've made a lasting friendship with Luke Scott because he played in Round Rock, Texas, ... This is just a special place for everybody -- fans, players and the front office."
"Ragan pitched a great game. She threw one bad pitch and they hit it out but she was in control the whole way. I thought we did a nice job of executing also. We got some runners on, we moved them over and we drove them in. We just kept chipping away and we had some opportunities to break that one open, we just didn't get the hits at the right time."
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"We don't see a leveling off. We see 686,000 complaints we collected last year."
"The biggest compliment you could give us is when you say we're baseball people. Because we are. I'm a firm believer that a baseball person, a guy that has a love for the game, should be running the club."
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"What if you have been fired from the last four jobs you had and you're not at all employable at this point? You use Jay Miller's name and the next thing you know, you've got yourself a job."
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"It's essential to have in-state talent. That helps the attendance, which helps softball grow at our level. We need that because we want to keep the best kids at home."
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"We are probably 10 or 15 years behind. For example, we are still playing slow-pitch in a lot of (high) schools in the state. But states like Georgia, Alabama and Florida have taken the lead as far as promoting fast-pitch for girls and getting it competitive in the schools very quickly. We could jump five years ahead real quick."
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