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Luis Sojo Quotes

8 Luis Sojo quotes:

"He just said, 'I'm sorry, guys,' that's all, ... We said, 'It's not your fault. Get out of here, go home and forget about it.'"
Author: Sojo Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"That's one thing in this game, you have to be strong mentally. If you're not strong mentally, you're done."
Author: Sojo Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"They're men and they know what they have to do. You can't watch over these guys and try to control their social lives. Of course, when it comes to the clubhouse and the dugout, if you don't follow rules, you have to leave the team."
Author: Sojo Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"Whoever is on this team requires a lot of responsibility and discipline."
Author: Sojo Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"These guys enjoy the competition. They are baseball players -- that's what they do. Because they are representing the country makes it more special. I expect good things. There is a lot of pride for Venezuela."
Author: Sojo Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes
"We have Carlos on the mound tomorrow and Freddy comes next, and we'll have to work hard to get to San Diego."
Author: Sojo Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"We were coming from behind until Miguel hit the top of the fence. We thought it was a home run. But the umpires, you know, thought different."
"He's got to suck it up. He's the best player in baseball and he's used to doing good. It's a shame, though. You can see how much this guy wants to win. Every time he gets to the ballpark it's all about baseball. These guys don't talk about anything else."
Author: Sojo Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes

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