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Paul Archey Quotes

6 Paul Archey quotes:

"The enthusiasm among fans in Puerto Rico to see this collection of players is perhaps the highest level of interest in baseball there in a long time. One of the reasons for having this tournament is to have that kind of impact globally. To build, grow or rejuvenate interest in baseball."
Author: Archey Quotes Category: Enthusiasm Quotes
"Will we sell out every game? No. Are we going to be happy with 800,000 in ticket sales? Absolutely."
Author: Archey Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Two of the most popular sporting events in the world are the World Cup of soccer and the Olympics, and one of the reasons they're successful is because they combine sport with nationalism. Any time you do that, you expand the interest in the sport."
Author: Archey Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Eligibility rules are still being discussed. It will be similar to the IBAF rules."
Author: Archey Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"We need to provide security for the entire tournament. It's an international tournament. We think we have one of the best security forces in all of sports."
Author: Archey Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"We think this will be a big boost for baseball in China and it will help promote a sport that has been neglected."
Author: Archey Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes

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