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12 Lance Berkman quotes:

"All I do, ... is eat. And drink coffee."
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"It's a very high honor, ... I remember when I was being recruited to go there and they take you through the hall of honor and see all the guys' pictures and stuff. It doesn't even cross your mind then that one day you'll have your picture up there."
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"One-run games can go either way, and most of the time they do."
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"To me, it's fun to be in this position, because nobody expected us to do anything, ... We've got two weeks, we're going to play as hard as we can, and we're going to see what happens."
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"It may not be intense in the stands, but it's intense on the field. It's not a rivalry of hatred. It's a rivalry of mutual respect. We enjoy competing against these guys."
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"You have to be patient, ... He makes a lot of good pitches and doesn't make many mistakes, and when he does make a mistake, you have to capitalize on it. If we get an opportunity to score, we need to do it and not let him off the hook. He's too good for that."
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"MLB takes care of it. They're the ones here in force. They've got crew chiefs. They've got all kinds of personnel,"
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"I think that's just one of those weird things in the game of baseball. At some point, you've gotta think [the Phillies] are due."
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"To win the series we obviously had to win at least one game here. It was big for our confidence, not having won one here last year, to pick up this victory. But that doesn't mean we're going to sweep them when we go home. They're a tough team. This is going to be a long series. I think it's going to go six or seven games. Hopefully we'll come out on top."
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"He did what we needed him to do. We absolutely had to have that performance - and he gave it to us."
"We weren't going to win the rest of them, ... Nobody expected us to go 9-0 over the last nine games. It would have been nice, but these guys are getting paid to play, just like we are. They're a tough team. We certainly have our hands full. We just have to regroup and come back tomorrow."
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"I don't think Major League Baseball should have the right to tell us about the roof. They're trying to take the home-field advantage from us. I don't think that's right."
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