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Kevin Millwood Quotes

8 Kevin Millwood quotes:

"A guy who hasn't accomplished much and he dogs our guys?"
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"It's fun, man. I think it's better before the games than after the games. The guys are relaxed, they're having a good time. It's just like it was in spring training, in March, April, May. We're the same team we were then. We're playing better now than we did then."
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"It was quite amazing -- maybe not for the A's. He made life a lot easier for himself by doing that. How many people would've thought about touching the bag?"
Author: Millwood Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"I felt as good last year as I did in '97 (as a rookie). I gained a ton of confidence, and I let myself and other people know I could pitch in the National League or the American League. ... It turned out to be a great move."
"Everybody always talks about being consistent. Consistency is the key to the game. Well, to do what he's done is the epitome of consistency."
"It's probably our biggest win to date. This is fun, man. Everybody around here is having a good time."
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"I'm not angry by any means. I know the guys are trying their best. They want to put runs up on the board, but we ran into a guy that was on today."
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"It's amazing what they've done. Everybody in baseball starts the season just wanting a chance at it. They've had a chance for 14 years now. Nobody can say that in any professional sport."
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