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"Tonya has been truly wonderful through this. I'm very close to his siblings. He was very close to my family. Which, sometimes, people think is uncommon. But it was one big happy family."
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"I asked him if it bothered him that I don't like baseball. He used to laugh, 'cause I'd say I'd strangle somebody if they made me sit through three innings of baseball. And he said, 'That's what I love most about you.' He knew I was real and that this love was real, and he loved that about me."
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"Anyone who's going to get any of his organs are going to have a piece of history in them. The last few minutes that we had, the nurses let me lay in bed with him, and I put his arm around me and I just laid and I listened to his heartbeat, and I was so thankful to think someone may have that heart."
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