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"It's early, and the players get caught up in the emotions. They've never been through it before. I have. There are going to be some bumps in the road. I'm just preparing (them)."
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"I'm really proud of this team. It's not easy to go 16-0. The ball can take some funny bounces some times. But for the most part we've hit, pitched and defended pretty well."
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"I'll take the punishment, I accept it. But it better happen again to somebody else. Maybe I need a better term."
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"It was a matter of time. It's the nature of the game, on the road, in the Southeastern Conference. I think when we had a 6-3 lead, (players) were counting the 19th victory."
Author: Polk Quotes Category: Nature Quotes
"I'd hate to see our batting average with the bases loaded."
Author: Polk Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"He used to be a power pitcher, but after shoulder surgery he's had some hard luck."
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"Tomorrow, we'll practice, but it won't be a long practice. Then, we'll get ready for a fine Tennessee team this weekend."
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"It's a great streak, it's legitimate, and I'm happy for Thomas. But I know he'd rather trade the streak for a win."
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"Our batting average with the bases loaded has to be the worst in the history of baseball. To be 22-3 and get out that much with the bases loaded is a miracle. But it's going to get better."
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