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"He seems to be doing OK. He needs to work on things and develop more consistency. We want him to throw a two-seam fastball more."
"He spent about a week there just enjoying his family."
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"We're going to individualize every single program for every guy in the system. That'll be the big positive. And of course, the take-a-strike, we've modified that, that's no longer going to exist. Pitch counts will exist, but it's not one blanket program. If it needs to exist for a certain individual, it will. If it doesn't for another, it won't."
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"He did a good job. But he had an opportunity he couldn't pass up."
"I'm a more traditional baseball person. We're going to give the kids free rein to play the traditional style of baseball."
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"He's a player who's got a major league arm, but lacks discipline."
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"We're waiting to hear from him, see where he's at in his personal life, see if he has some type of resolution to his problems. We'll always welcome him with open arms, if and when he is ready to make a commitment."
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