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11 Ed DeChellis quotes:

"He's just a force inside. I don't think anybody's really done a great, great job of handling him. We've just got to make it tough for him to get the ball, try to limit his touches with the basketball. And then when the shot goes up, somebody better get a body on him."
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"We really wanted to get to the free-throw line, that was one of our goals. We thought we could take them off the dribble, especially Geary, and I thought we did a pretty good job of that."
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"I'm not done playing. I know our kids aren't. I just hope we get an opportunity to continue to play."
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"We went 15 straight weeks. We were kind of running on empty towards the end."
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"Travis has been good for us academically, socially and basketball-wise. He's been a model student-athlete here."
"Sometimes as a coach, you get a gut feeling. I really never felt like we were out of things."
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"There were a lot of tears tears of joy finally, not of sadness. These kids have been through a lot, but they keep coming back for more. They've been very resilient all year."
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"It's been good for us, kept us out of foul trouble, limited some other people's stuff with what they've been able to do in the post. It's given our kids a level of confidence."
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"We haven't talked about the big picture or that we wanted to get to 14 (wins). There's no magic number I want to get to, I just want to try to keep our team playing better and improving."
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"We'll go back at it and run our stuff. I don't think there's any secrets. We've just got to execute a little better, and we just can't turn the ball over."
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"They blew the thing open in the first half, and just kind of cruised along in the second half."
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