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Rick Clark Quotes

10 Rick Clark quotes:

"A steeple is a beacon for the community,"
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"It's great to see. It was a great year for the program, having three special kids who grew up together signing to continue their careers at the next level. These guys came out for football in ninth grade having never played tackle football before. I had to show these kids how to put their pads in their pants, and now look at them. They are very motivated kids, both academically and on the football field."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"We did a very nice job against their press early. Then they dropped out of it and started giving us trouble in the half court. We just stood around too much in the second quarter."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"It?s been an easy year. The kids are great. They?re all very intelligent girls, well-behaved and they like each other."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"It was senior night, and I always look for those guys to step up. Philip did a good job with his quick hands deflecting passes."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"We needed to get off to a better start. This game was much different than the one against Twin Lakes. There was a lot of tough man-to-man defense and apparently they weren't fouling. We had our chances, but we didn't hit the open shot when we needed it most."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"It was just nice all around play tonight. The kids got a lead and then kept their composure. The Peru game really helped prepare us for Western's pressure. We now have control over our own destiny in the conference."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"I love our kids. They worked hard all year and they never gave up. I am very proud of this senior group. I can't tell them anything that will make them feel better right now, but they should know they had a great year."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"We need to have some time to get some practice in now. We need to get a little rest and work on our timing."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"They did a nice job really to lull us to sleep in the first half. There were doing what they needed to do. We decided to press in the second half. We did that just to get things moving which was what we needed."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Sleep Quotes

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