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"I'm a huge proponent of weight training. We lift at 6 because of the work ethic required, the discipline and doing the right thing. It makes them accountable. It makes them be on time."
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"Duke is the premier basketball program in the nation. For us, this is a great opportunity, and to me, it is an honor to go to Duke and play. Playing Duke will be a great experience for our kids and will certainly prepare us for the wars we are going to have to play in the Big Ten."
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"From a common-sense standpoint, you're probably on the right road. The problem is, you're opening a can of worms you might not be able to shut. That might cause more problems than it solves."
"The strength of the team is up front now. But we don't have a guy who you know can give you points when the going gets tough."
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"I just know that Ricardo does a great job there and he's got his team in the tournament and a guy who does that needs to be rewarded."
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"This isn't Cinderella. This is the security guard at the back door. They'll beat you up."
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