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Abbie Letz Quotes

7 Abbie Letz quotes:

"We want to win the rest of our games and go into the conference tournament with a good seeding, so we are really aware of all the mistakes we've been making. We know that when we move without the ball and make the extra pass, we score. And we know when we score a lot, we're tough to beat because we're a pretty good defensive team."
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"It was like, wow. I'd go to all the UTEP and New Mexico State games and there's hardly anyone there. You come up here and it's a totally different atmosphere."
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"It's very disappointing, but it's something that happens. It happened to us today. Yeah, it hurts. It's going to hurt for the rest of the day. We know tomorrow's a new day. We've got to keep our heads up and hope the NCAA realizes what we did in the pre-conference schedule and in the conference and picks us."
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"We know we messed up there and didn't play well at all. We made a lot of mistakes and didn't focus. This is our chance to fix that."
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"It's completely different from when I first got here, but we've got a different type of team now. People on this team get so focused on trying to remember what spot they're supposed to go to in triangle, the offense breaks down. With motion, we just all kind of go with the flow."
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"Sometimes we just stop running the offense and have a hard time shooting our way out of trouble against really tough defenses."
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"Dionne is an amazing basketball player, and she hasn't even begun to reach her full potential yet. She proved she is just as good as Sophia Young. I expect her to be an All-American before she graduates."
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