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12 Keyon Dooling quotes:

"If we would've taken care of business early in the season we wouldn't be in this position. Our team was a little different then."
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"Basketball is an emotional game. Sometimes you don't think, you just react and tonight was one of those nights."
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"He was my first basketball coach,"
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"It was a basketball fight, that's all it was. There really isn't anything else to say."
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"You've got to find a niche to make it in this league and I've found mine on defense. Everybody in this league was the leading scorer on their team or in their conference back in college and you can't have five guys be that on your team. Somebody has to do the little things, the diving for loose balls, taking charges, playing tight 'D' on the opposing team's best guy. That's what I do. That's what I bring to this team."
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"When you're playing a good team like that, you've got to take care of the basketball."
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"I think everybody's getting a good look at the future with this team."
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"For us, we've got to treat these final 20-some games like they're our playoffs. We haven't thrown in the towel. You can question our execution, but not our effort. Things didn't go the way we wanted this season, but you can use this time to get ready for next year."
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"I wish I had the remedy for this. Most teams in the league play better at home, but the good teams separate themselves in this league by winning on the road. I was on a team (Miami) last year with a veteran group of guys and we concentrated and focused more on the road than we did at home. We're a young team and we've still got a lot to learn."
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"They have like an unspoken language when they're playing together. They're a great team, a championship team, the best team in the league."
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"It's gratifying for all of us because you just don't know who is going to do it from night to night. At any given time anybody on this team can make a play to win the game for us."
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"Everybody wrote us off. It's nice to keep proving people wrong."
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