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"This is a plain and brazen violation of copyright law. It's not up to Google or anyone other than the authors, the rightful owners of these copyrights, to decide whether and how their works will be copied."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"This is a plain and brazen violation of copyright law."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"Nobody sees Granite Hills as a basketball school. But we're the real deal this year."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Even though we've done well, they still believe we can't be that good."
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"[The delay - and the subsequent spread of lasers into many areas of technology - meant that the patents were much more valuable than if he had won initially. Even though Mr. Gould had signed away 80 percent of the proceeds in order to finance his court costs,] he made millions upon millions of dollars, ... Even at the 20 percent he was left with, he in his last years was a rich man."
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"They go skiing in the morning and do school lessons in the afternoon."
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"The issue here is indeed control. It is the appropriation of material that they don't own for a purpose that is, however altruistic and lofty and wonderful, nevertheless a commercial enterprise."
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"That would be great, but we've got a bit of work to do yet."
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