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"I'm a basketball player. I understand this is a business."
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"I look at it like I've been playing basketball for about 18, 19 years. I think every basketball situation is the same. Either you're going to hit the shot, or you're going to make the pass or you're going to get the defensive stop. Basically, this is a whole other level and it's all about repetition."
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"It was a big shot and I took it. My teammates had confidence in me."
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"It's a little bit tougher on the road. Basically, it comes from not closing the games out. We're doing a better job at home than on the road. We just have to carry that out to the road."
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"This means we're growing. A couple of games ago we couldn't do anything as far as closing out a game. Now we're starting to put this thing together and looking forward to the future."
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"Me and Mike, we've been friends for a long time. He and Antoine (Walker) basically took me under their wing when I first got in the league. Basically he said he's been watching me and I've really been playing well. He's just trying to keep me positive about the situation."
"It doesn't look good, but we're going to keep fighting. Anything can happen."
"He just told me (before leaving), 'Just run the team, make stuff easy, and let's get this victory."
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"He just told me just run the team, make stuff easy and let's get this victory. I kind of patted him on the butt and told him don't worry about it, we'll go get it for him."
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"We took an 'L' tonight. That doesn't mean we're not mentally checked in. We come to work every night the same way you guys come to work every night."
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"We've got to pick our spots. I would love to get out and run every single play. But my job as a point guard, I have to make sure we get a great shot every time down. If that takes away from us running or pushing the ball a couple times down, I'll do that."
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