Mark Allen Quotes

6 Mark Allen quotes:

"We are providing a good place for everybody. We are trying to keep family units together and give them some privacy. They've had enough shellshock as it is."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"They've always wanted to (unionize) and now they legally can. It's obviously going to cost us more money, but we're going to try to make a positive out of it, ... We will have a professional working relationship."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"[University Police Officer Mark Allen said it was a typical football weekend.] It doesn't appear there were any serious injuries, ... Everything went smoothly for a Penn State football weekend."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"It was my first time in front of the television cameras and my home crowd so I'm delighted by the way I played and the result,"
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"Some vehicles always have been right -- inspired from the beginning."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"It's been a brilliant season. Two of the squad members are also representing Yorkshire at basketball and we wish them well too."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes

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