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Mike McConathy Quotes

7 Mike McConathy quotes:

"Our philosophy was if we could get a group of young players, we could teach them how to win. I think program building at our level is difficult. We knew there would be difficult times ahead."
"That 11 points is a joke. That's no indication of how tough the game was."
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"He did that with passion He was really good, and it didn't matter to him if it was coaching a little league ball team or coaching in a state championship game or the NCAA Tournament. He had so much passion for what he did and he wanted to do it until the end. He felt that was his purpose in life."
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"It's hard to put into words what this is like."
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"What this means I can't put into words. It's clearing a hurdle. We know we have a team that can win games in the NCAA Tournament, but to have that chance, we had to win this game."
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"There's no greater example of team before individual than what they've done. When you depend on two guys to get points, you're vulnerable to get upset by a lower-level team that is hitting you from five different ways. That's difficult to prepare for, because you don't know where we're going to hit you from ... in reverse, we know exactly where their points are coming from and we can focus on slowing them down."
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"We were playing in as good of a basketball place there is in the country. We competed for, I would say 40 minutes, but we just didn't do the little things that we needed to do to win the ballgame."

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