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"That didn't have anything to do with it. You can't have a great game every game. He played his heart out. We had something to do with the struggles, too."
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"I had this in my mind. I think about it before the game, every game. I see myself doing it before it happens. From the hotels. I'll be on the bus, just daydreaming, listening to music, looking out the window, and I see myself doing everything, and I just come out here and try to do it."
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"I care too much about the people whose lives and jobs are on the line not to come back and give it all that I have. We're asking taxpayers to sacrifice so much, the least I can do is help explain my position and the position of the board."
Author: Hardy Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"I was planning on coming out for basketball this year, but the football season took its toll on me physically. I needed to rest and rehabilitate some injuries. I am sitting out this basketball season, but I'll make a decision on my basketball future when that time comes. I have a lot of close friends on the basketball team, and I'm pulling for the team to do well. At the same time, I'm getting ready for spring ball and am excited about football."
Author: Hardy Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Last year, he was coming in, and he really didn't know anybody. He was still learning names and their positions. This year, he knows what he wants. Either you're going to be able to do the job or you're not."
Author: Hardy Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"He didn't fall down on purpose. I made him fall down."
Author: Hardy Quotes Category: Purpose Quotes

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