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"Every time I am in danger of believing the glamour of my own press, some incident inevitably brings me back to earth."
"In the beginning, my mother humored me when I told her I wanted to be a reporter."
"My current goal is to place a moratorium on goals."
"Our free enterprise system of disseminating information is collectively referred to as The Media. But there is no collective."
"Some news managers have been slow to grasp that good television news is always substance over form."
"The bad news is that 50 people died in a hotel fire; the good news is that we got exclusive footage."
"The news anchor is exactly that - an anchor, a center, a focus."
"When for so long you can't get a job for reasons that seem specious, you you finally do have it, you are constantly afraid of losing it."
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"When I was a little girl in the 1950s, it would not have been possible for me to say, I want to be an anchorwoman when I grow up."
"Women were seldom given quality assignments or adequate air time."
"No matter how many goals you have achieved, you must set your sights on a higher one."
"I have had a lifelong phobia of snakes."
"Women may not have it easy, but we are given a fairer chance to reach for the top."
"The most important event I covered was the Panama Canal debate, which dragged on for months."
"The single life is not one I willingly chose for myself."
"Men still control the news, both on and off camera."
"Never refuse an assignment except when there is a conflict of interest, a potential of danger to you or your family, or you hold a strongly biased attitude about the subject under focus."
"The minute viewers callin or write about your looks, they were not listening to what you were saying."
"A press card does not provide you with an invisible shield. You're flesh and blood."
"Anyone who writes an autobiographical work at the age of 34 is, at best, presumptuous. It occurred to me that it was time to set the record straight."

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