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Rob Babcock Quotes

7 Rob Babcock quotes:

"Matt is more than just a good basketball player. He is the consummate professional who places his team first and gives a total effort every night."
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"We'd be getting the opportunity to be as strong a team as possible (by adding Duhon) and it would give us a lot of flexibility,"
"That was the best trade out there. There was no better trade."
Author: Babcock Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"I don't make comments on any trade discussions or rumors,"
Author: Babcock Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"I was very surprised. I had no idea this was coming. They told me they want someone with more experience."
Author: Babcock Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"Yeah, we have a lot of faith in them. We're building for the future of this team and we think it's a very bright future."
Author: Babcock Quotes Category: Faith Quotes
"We certainly would like to have him back on our basketball team. But we have to take a look at everything when the season ends, that gets into money situations, roster spots, draft picks. We have to look at all the different things, so it's too early to tell anything."
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