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Gary Williams Quotes

8 Gary Williams quotes:

"I know I've worked hard, and I know the players have worked hard this year. We've had to overcome some things, and I hope that's good enough. We're going to be just like everybody else: we're going to wait and see what happens Sunday. That's all we can do."
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"You think about (the tournament). But it doesn't matter, you have to win the next game."
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"I thought he needed another year because he was limited offensively. Just another year of basketball at the college level wouldn't have hurt him. (But) once we found out he was going to be a lottery pick, then for a player, you almost have to go. There really wasn't much of a decision there. For Chris, maybe that was his best time to go."
"We knew it was going to be a tough game, even when we got up 18 in the second half. For us to hang on like that and win, that was big."
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"I'm very proud of our team. We did a great job in just about every situation."
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"The truckers get notoriety, ... Eighty-thousand pounds of muscle, blood and steel in a pile. It's spectacular."
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"At first a lot of the guys at the club were like, 'What do you want women to come out here and shoot for?'"
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"As a college basketball coach, I'm upset for the future of game. Somebody has to be accountable. You can't blame just one group of people for this, unfortunately."

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