Sydney Pollack Quotes

30 Sydney Pollack quotes:

"Reading a novel of a private experience, very, very different, the nature of it is very different."
"The director is the teller of the film, the director tells the movie, like you would tell a story, except in this case you're telling a movie."
"The very reasons sometimes that you make a film are the reasons for its failure."
"Well, I was born and raised in the Midwest, in Indiana specifically, and my childhood was full of weekend movies, you know, the Saturday and Sunday popcorn movies."
"Well, the wonderful thing about making movies, oddly enough, is that they're sort of highly motivated graduate studies in one or another field."
"Well, there's no question that a good script is an absolutely essential, maybe the essential thing for a movie."
"With a movie you're creating from the beginning this particular work, let's not call it work of art, because very few movies are works of art, let's just call them bits of popular culture, whatever they are, sometimes very rarely by accident a movie becomes a work of art."
"You are not an active creator of the film."
"You don't normally do another presentation of All About Eve. You do one All About Eve, and that's it."
"You know, essentially when you do a play you're reinterpreting a work of art that already exists. That's not what happens with a movie."

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