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8 Don Roberts quotes:

"We had good people with great personalities. That gave us good team chemistry. Everybody pulling for the same direction makes it a lot easier to be successful."
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"The bottom line is this: The worst mistake you can make is to do nothing. Either file a return or get an extension request in, but do it by the deadline. Sitting back and doing nothing is going to cost you a lot more if you owe taxes."
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"Everybody touches the basketball on offense for us. We don't run plays for particular people. We expect everybody to score and contribute defensively."
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"You don't have to be penniless, but you have to show why you can't pay. We look at the facts and circumstances of each case."
"It all depends on the facts and circumstances of each case."
"Renouncing citizenship to avoid taxes has its own consequences."
"Obviously taxpayers have a vested interest in putting more of that money in their back packet [throughout the year] instead of keeping it in a no-interest paying account at the United States Treasury."
"The processing [of the returns] hasn't changed that much, but you are seeing an increase in the number of taxpayers who are getting refunds,"

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