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16 Matt Brady quotes:

"This game was lost in the first half. They came out with a lot more energy in the first half, and we turned it over way too much."
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"I think Canisius presents a lot of problems because they're terrific, defensively. If they're making shots, they're an extremely dangerous team because they've proven they can beat anybody."
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"I think his effort, his communication skills and his willingness to do all the little things has really helped our team immeasurably."
"I expect more games like this, the way we shot it."
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"I only hired him with Jimmy's blessing. Jimmy evidently has some hard feelings that he can't let go, it's unfortunate and we're moving on."
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"We are thrilled to be one of the programs to have an opportunity to be on TV. It's a huge bonus for the kids who have worked so hard ... to put us in this position."
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"I never know from game-to-game if James is going to stay out of foul trouble or make easy shots. He has a propensity to turn the ball over. I never know from game-to-game where James is this year. Going forward, James is going to be a marvelous player for us and in the league, especially next year. But this year, I keep an eye on how he's playing and what his approach is."
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"I've thought for three days now this was going to be another battle. I think we're learning how to win these close games. It requires a lot of energy on the defensive end and rebounding to make that happen."
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"I think we just played the most talented team in the league on perhaps their best night of the year. I'm really proud of our effort."
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"Really, the thing I'm most proud about is, he continues to get better each year that he's been in college. He's a terrific kid, but he's a better teammate for our program."
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"His impact has been far-reaching for our program. He is really a selfless player. Jared takes so much pride in passing the basketball."
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"I still believe to be a factor, this league runs through Manhattan."
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"I've said all along we weren't going to reach our potential until late January or early February. That's what I'd been insisting even through those four games, which were four difficult losses. I think we'll be OK."
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"James has made strides. There's a growing trust amongst his teammates that James is gonna come through if we get him going."
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"Liberty plays so hard. They run hard, they rebound hard, they post defend hard. If you have poise, you give yourself a better chance."
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"We had some disagreements last season about how I thought the game should be played, and really about practice habits and such. In the spring we had a couple conversations, one on one, and I think he finally realized that he had to put more into everything in terms of being on the floor with the team."
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