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Glendon Rusch Quotes

8 Glendon Rusch quotes:

"It depends on the health of everybody, obviously. When we get Wade Miller and Kerry healthy, we're going to probably have seven starters, so we'll see what happens."
Author: Rusch Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"I'm making quality pitches to get ahead of some guys and then not making quality pitches when I'm ahead."
Author: Rusch Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"The bullpen did a great job. They deserve the win today for holding those guys down."
Author: Rusch Quotes Category: Appreciation Quotes
"In all of the three starts since I've come back in the rotation, I've had trouble in the first. I have no explanation. I'm not making good pitches."
Author: Rusch Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"We definitely have the talent to be at the top of the National League."
Author: Rusch Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"The main thing is for us to do our jobs and, when they're healthy and they're back, that makes our team better."
Author: Rusch Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"I have to do a better job of bearing down with two men out and nobody on base. I was facing the lower part of the lineup, and three out of four guys walked. Inexcusable. It hurt us."
Author: Rusch Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"Everything they hit was through the holes and I left a couple of pitches up. I'm not going to worry about it too much."
Author: Rusch Quotes Category: Worry Quotes

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