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Brian Donahue Quotes

6 Brian Donahue quotes:

"I really love the people I work with, love the work and serving the communities we work for, so it's a decision that's made with a heavy heart to leave the people here."
Author: Donahue Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"John's the type of kid that if I took him out of a game like this, he'd never let me forget it. He's the toughest kid I've ever coached."
Author: Donahue Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"As we went into December and energy was in that hyper-inflation stage, we looked at measures to cut down the costs."
Author: Donahue Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"For the right person, at the right time in their lives with the right family structure, I'm sure it can work. But 30 to 60 nights away is quite a bit."
Author: Donahue Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"Hillary Clinton isn't answering important questions in this campaign, such as: Is she running for president or is she serving the people of New York?"
Author: Donahue Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"Any campaign with confidence ignores its opponents. The Hillary attack machine is fighting us tooth and nail every day because they are scared."
Author: Donahue Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes

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