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18 William Daley quotes:

"Gov. Bush should follow the example set by his father and by Bob Dole and participate in the universally broadcast Presidential Commission debates. The American people come first, and the bipartisan Presidential Commission debates will reach the largest possible number of viewers."
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"I fear the financial crisis of 1998 may become the trade crisis of 1999,"
Author: Daley Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"The Commission is an impressive and diverse group, with members steeped in finance, law, economics, and market regulation. With the support of the Chamber, we will have a real opportunity to outline beneficial changes to the oversight of our capital markets."
"But I am optimistic we will pull it out. I am optimistic Congress will do the right thing,"
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"We need Congress to consider financial relief (for businesses) to make it more competitive,"
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"As the rules stand now, SBC is discouraged from investing in new infrastructure or new jobs,"
Author: Daley Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"We've made great progress,"
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"We're hopeful that there will be progress. The fact of the matter is that the banana dispute is about defending the rules-based system of the WTO, ... We've gone through two panels. We've been successful. There must be a conclusion to these types of cases. They cannot go on forever. The losing party can't keep looking for further relief if they lose the panel."
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"Despite the progress we have seen over the last week, we still do not have the 218 votes yet to win it, ... In the end, I am optimistic we will pull it out."
Author: Daley Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"But this race is simply too close to call, and until the recount is concluded and the results in Florida become official, our campaign continues."
Author: Daley Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"not just a victory for Al Gore and his millions of supporters. It is a victory for fairness and accountability in our democracy itself."
Author: Daley Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"Today's data showing e-tail sales strengthening in the first quarter, even as total retail sales fell, indicates the continuing growth and viability of the online economy, ... The growing role and importance of online commerce is closely tied to the extraordinary vigor and innovativeness of America's information technology sector. Both are factors in the great length and strength of our current expansion."
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"Vice President Gore and Senator (Joe) Lieberman are fully prepared to concede and to support Governor Bush if and when he is officially elected president."
Author: Daley Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"Our trade laws, which are all WTO-consistent, are used very rarely,"
Author: Daley Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"What we're trying to do is encourage the industry to take some steps soon, to do some self-regulation, based upon a tough report that was very clear as to the abuses and steps that have been taken by the entertainment industry that most Americans will feel are wrong,"
Author: Daley Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"Someone said he should smile more in the practice session. On the walk on the beach with a number of (advisers) they had specific ideas on issues they thought their counterparts in communities would respond to."
Author: Daley Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"He knows that he can't solve a lot of the world's problems. He can't solve AIDS, he can't solve the global warming problem, but he can feel and make sure that people's quality of life is addressed by the city government,"
Author: Daley Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"that we listen to the clear rule of law and not turn our back on it."
Author: Daley Quotes Category: Law Quotes

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