Adrian Benepe Quotes

5 Adrian Benepe quotes:

"Its superb design takes a humble but historic utilitarian structure and modernizes it. Yet it feels like it's been there the whole time."
Author: Benepe Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"New Yorkers have been seeing Central Park in a new way, discovering the unique beauty that distinguishes the park during the winter."
Author: Benepe Quotes Category: Beauty Quotes
"You have two choices. You can have unlimited, large-scale events, or you can have nice grass, but you can't have both. It was unlimited use that destroyed the park in the old days, so if you want the city's backyard to be in good shape, you have got to put limitations on its use."
Author: Benepe Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"It's a sign of the fact that the parks are becoming increasingly civilized, that people are coming to expect greater amenities. We're trying to make the parks as welcoming as possible."
Author: Benepe Quotes Category: People Quotes
"This is recognizing that beyond architectural beauty, natural beauty is something that can't be replaced. Once these bird species go extinct they're not coming back,"
Author: Benepe Quotes Category: Beauty Quotes

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