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Luis Carmona Quotes

9 Luis Carmona quotes:

"I actually thought we'd come back after halftime with a little bit more fire because we had a pretty good talk."
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"What I've been trying to tell the guys all this week is they're here now and this is when you've got to perform. I was watching TV and saw a quote from the George Mason (basketball coach). He said it's not just about getting in the dance. It's about performing there, and you've got to win."
Author: Carmona Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"Just the way we gave up the goals, mistakes that we couldn't clear. It was like there were three different teams at one point out there. It was an all-around performance — nobody played up to their expectations."
Author: Carmona Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"I think it's good they're having fun and relaxing so they won't have pressure on them. But it's a whole different level, and we just have to prepare better and concentrate even more."
Author: Carmona Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I think we're all right, but the guys learned a hard lesson Friday night. They just didn't like the feeling that they played well and came out with a loss. Now they really know the importance of capitalizing on every opportunity that presents itself."
Author: Carmona Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"I had a long talk with the guys that the entire school year just comes down basically to one week. I think we're focused on our objective right now, and the bottom line is we just need to win. If we just take care of our own business, we're OK, and I think we're capable of that."
Author: Carmona Quotes Category: School Quotes
"I think a lot of our character started showing in this game. I was really impressed with the amount of teamwork we put in. I'm really proud of these guys for going back to the final again — it's a great feeling."
Author: Carmona Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"We're young and there's only one thing to get out of this and that's experience. We came out flat in the first half and being two down, that's tough against any team, especially at the playoff level."
Author: Carmona Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"That's the beauty of this team. We made some adjustments and put some people on top because anybody can play any position, even the forwards and in the midfield. We just have to have confidence in each other."
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