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"Obviously, this hurts. It?s a huge letdown. For people in Canada, if we?re not there in the final, we?re not a success."
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"We needed to get a win and get some confidence. We had a long week of practice going over some things. We did a lot of little things better than we did on the road trip and it really helped."
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"The first thing he (Callan) asked was, 'Can I bring my Zamboni bed?' I said, 'Sure, you can bring the Zamboni bed, and you can paint it whatever color you want.' He said he wasn't sure he wanted to change its colors yet. The other one just wants a cat. We're not getting a cat."
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"They (Calgary) come out every night and bring it. If we come with that character every night we will have a chance to win every night."
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"We showed a lot of character coming back tonight. This team really wants to win and if we can put away a few mistakes it's going to make things a lot easier."
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"It was a classy move by them. It was fun being back. I was excited, boy. I definitely had a lot of juice in me."
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"They (the Wings) played a playoff game tonight. They were gritty."
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"We've been able to use these games to learn a lot. We've learned a lot about playing on the bigger ice, about playing in the offensive and defensive zones, and what we've got to do to make sure we keep improving as a team."
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"I sure hope they won?t let something like that happen."
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"To come home like this . . . It?s disappointing, to say the least."
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"Having to fight back like we did I think showed a lot of heart. We played an open game tonight and I think we had to do that after getting behind early. We just have to get back to things after the holiday and go back to work."
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"Having come back like we did, I think it showed a lot of heart. We played an open game. I think we had to after falling behind early."
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"Looking at his stats -- and what he's done in the past with the world juniors -- he's definitely having a good year."
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"I think it's like the NHL now. Any given night, if you're not ready or you're not focused, anything can happen. So that's the approach you have to take ... respect your opponent."
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"He's going to be a scary player. He's young, he's learning - and that was a big goal for us."
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"Last tournament (2004 World Cup), there were so many good leaders in that dressing room, guys know what's on the line. I think we have a lot of depth in the leadership department no matter what the age is."

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