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5 Joey Santiago quotes:

"It's not an ego thing. It just seems like an interesting thing to do. I'd like to go down to the Philippines and say, 'Hey, it's me, Joey Santiago from The Pixies. Give me a script, I want to be in a movie."
Author: Santiago Quotes Category: Ego Quotes
"I was a nervous wreck and I kept calling my wife. It was so out of character for me to even be down there. But in the end it was good closure for me."
Author: Santiago Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"When you meet your friends, especially, you notice how different you are. Everything from your clothing to the places you like to hang out. The other night a friend of mine said, 'So Mr. Rock Star how come you haven't been keeping in touch?' And I thought, 'Sod that! You haven't written to me either'."
"It's easy. You draw a red line on the ground, right? Then you wait for a chicken to come along. When he arrives, he puts his beak right on the line and he's hypnotized!"
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"You flip a coin and you lie in bed and that's a long good-bye - you know?"
Author: Santiago Quotes Category: Bed Quotes

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