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5 Norman Edelman quotes:

"We're gambling with other things in the environment or genes or both, ... The fact that Jennings smoked for a long period of time increased his risk of getting lung cancer. How much that risk was dissipated by stopping for 20 years I don't know, but it was obviously not entirely."
"You're not going to feel like exercising with the flu, ... You're going to feel like crawling into bed."
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"The quality of the institution was getting better. The scandal will set it back. This is the tragedy."
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"The risk does decline with time after you stop but those numbers aren't clear,"
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"Quitting is good. It's always good to quit, no matter how long you've smoked, ... You'll reduce your risk of lung cancer, reduce the degree to which you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, reduce your risk of other types of cancer and of heart disease. The data is very clear. Even if you're 75, you can benefit from stopping."
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