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6 Rose Macaulay quotes:

"Love's a disease. But curable."
"He felt about books as doctors feel about medicines, or managers about plays -- cynical but hopeful."
"Cranks live by theory, not by pure desire. They want votes, peace, nuts, liberty, and spinning-looms not because they love these things, as a child loves jam, but because they think they ought to have them. That is one element which makes the crank."
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"Sleeping in a bed -- it is, apparently, of immense importance. Against those who sleep, from choice or necessity, elsewhere society feels righteously hostile. It is not done. It is disorderly, anarchical."
Author: Macaulay Quotes Category: Bed Quotes
"A hot bath! I cry, as I sit down in it! Again as I lie flat, a hot bath! How exquisite a pleasure, how luxurious, fervid and flagrant a consolation for the rigors, the austerities, the renunciation of the day."
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"The great and recurrent question about abroad is, is it worth getting there?"
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