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Alex Hernandez Quotes

9 Alex Hernandez quotes:

"We showed signs in the beginning of the game, but then we panicked at times. We didnt execute things that are considered staples of a good program, and thats something that concerns me."
"This particular tournament will become a prestigious competition as it is the only one of its kind where all teams are seeded as opposed to schools being placed into pools for their matches. As this tourney moves forward, it will be a stellar event for the 32 schools selected to play in it each year."
"Now I know how the astronauts must feel. Maybe I helped them a little bit in the future, but they helped me a lot more."
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"At the end, I couldn't walk. It really hurt a lot, probably for two or three weeks. I went back to work but I couldn't stand for too long. My feet got bruises on them."
Author: Hernandez Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"Hispanics and Latinos have made a difference in lower-end-wage jobs. We do the jobs that nobody else wants to do."
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"We have to look at race more often. And the professor seems to like to talk about race."
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"to enforce the rules."
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"We have been working diligently for this incredible event. The support from the school administration down to our freshman levels have helped ensure that this tournament will be a great success at our facility."
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"I'm always on the go. I work close to 15 to 18 hours a day. In bed, I could read my books and listen to my tapes and get back on track."

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