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Tim Taylor Quotes

20 Tim Taylor quotes:

"We have (defensive) team goals, ... Our goals are stopping yards, stopping long drives and forcing turnovers."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"We're not getting any less scoring chances than when we were scoring 3.5 goals a game. We've had some injuries that have messed up the line combinations, but that is not an excuse. I think now sometimes it's a case of the guys squeezing on the stick a little too tight."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"It's hard. You have the hype and you sit there."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"It is a matter of Iowa code and following the law of the state. There are due process procedures outlined for disciplinary action and termination."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"It's deflating, absolutely. I'm not going to say it doesn't hurt. It does."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"I saw some improvement tonight defensively. I don't think anybody really had an outstanding individual performance but I think as a team we got better tonight."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Improvement Quotes
"But I'm in my own bed at the end of every night. That wasn't always the case at Virginia. Life on the road doesn't allow it."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Bed Quotes
"We had the game in our hands with seven seconds left. If we don't make mistakes, we win."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"These road trips are not easy. They wear on you and go into the next week of practice. You don't want to blame things on outside [factors], but the road might have something to do with it."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"Absolutely. This was about pride and it showed our players that if we work hard in all aspects of the game, good things happen and you have good outcomes."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Pride Quotes
"No one is happy. No one (has) a smile on his face."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"I personally believe that the budget has areas that are questionable. It is the staff's responsibility to look at that and back it down."
"Dave is a very proud individual. He's a great character guy. It would be disrespectful to him if we let this be a distraction. He has instilled a good attitude within this hockey team - and that is to push forward. He would want us to get better and prepare for Friday's game."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"I watched him play for Russia in the [World Junior Championships in 2005] finals against Canada, and I didn't think he would make that much of an impact when he got over here. And obviously he has done that."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Canada Quotes
"It's all about intensity and discipline. If you don't want to work hard and do the little things it takes to be successful, you won't play. We're still working on that, but we've come a long way."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"There's some questions surrounding both teams, no doubt. They'll be answered in the first round."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"Without a doubt, I don't think we played very well. That may be a tribute to Heritage, I'm not real sure. We didn't play well."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"That's why he was a spectacular force in the playoffs (in 2003-04). That's the guy we need."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"He's coming into this knowing he'll be a fresh voice and pair of eyes in evaluations. I think he's going to be able to start from scratch, in terms of evaluations of goaltenders. Hopefully he'll allow us to make the right choices and select a starter."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"Last week we were set up for failure from the get go. We had three games in four nights. Monticello played really well. There guards really pushed us to the limits, but we need games like that. We need to be in those situations to understand how to win."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Failure Quotes

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