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11 Ted Kennedy quotes:

"In the midst of a national disaster of biblical proportions, it is difficult for the American people to participate fully in the selection of the next chief justice, one of the most important positions in our government and the chief protector of our Constitution,"
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"This disaster reminds us that we are all part of the American family and we have a responsibility to help members of that family when they are in need,"
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"Members have a lot of respect for the kind of diligence and hard work (exhibited by Burr), ... It's been a very important service (for Burr) to develop that expertise."
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"People are looking at Iowa, ... Iowa's going to have an extraordinary opportunity to set the direction for this country and to have an important influence on the nominating process."
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"We will continue this battle here in the United States Senate and in the course of the elections, ... I'm absolutely sure that at the end of the day we will preserve the Medicare system ... and we will get to the day when we have a real prescription drug program."
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"Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed."
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"a positive step long awaited by many of us in Congress."
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"Do you believe that Congress has the power to pass laws aimed at eliminating discrimination in society, or do you believe that our hands are tied - that the elected representatives of the people of the us are without the power to pass laws aimed at righting wrongs, ending injustice, eliminating the inequalities that we have just witnessed so dramatically and tragically in New Orleans,"
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"go down in history as the first president to try to write discrimination back into the Constitution."
"I certainly hope the administration's long-awaited re-involvement in this fundamental debate is genuine, and not because of election year conversion."
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"It's not enough to go to the United Nations with a resolution, ... We must go with the right resolution, and it's not clear that this administration is ready to swallow its pride and do that. Words don't matter. We need deeds."
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