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"In my heart, this is where I'm supposed to be. I told the players, I never pursue a job. I never have. I never will. I was just trying to do what was best for our staff and our basketball program."
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"He's playing smarter than he has in the past. Kyle's made himself a little bit better athlete. He's been in great shape the whole time, which he needed to do."
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"His numbers in high school didn't lie. And then you start coaching the kid and he's so smart about the game. Those are the kind of kids we have to find to have a moment like this."
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"I was in a power position, obviously, so I drove a hard bargain. I wanted to make sure that Jim knew what I was looking for. Over time, through each contract, I've talked about 'This is what I'd like to have someday.' I think he got as close to that as he could."
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"We've had a lot of practice the last two weeks and it showed today. When we shoot well, we're pretty darn good."
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"I kept saying we weren't any good when practice started, and now we're part of the Sweet 16. We just keep getting a little bit better."
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"Last year I think we wanted to be part of the NCAA Tournament so badly we didn't worry about the things that we could control, which is making our team better. That's what we're doing this year."
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