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Simeon Rice Quotes

6 Simeon Rice quotes:

"There are opportunity and circumstances that fall our way and we have to take advantage of them. Any good team is able to do that. You've got to step up."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes
"That (Super Bowl) team was a really tight-knit team. We had characters. We had Hollywood. We had bravado, we had it all. That was our time then. This is our time now. Our time now is what it is. Winning brings about a better situation. It's just as tight. But it's still all about winning."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Hollywood Quotes
"This is the truth, this is not virtual reality any more. This is straight up and down. It's a matter of fact. We're world champions."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"There's no hard feelings. We've got something great going on. We've got a real good head coach, who sets a great tone . . . got players who have one common goal. In the end, we're trying to get to Detroit. Don't let anybody fool you. That's why we're in this game."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Feelings Quotes
"We're going to be able to recover, be able to rest, allow our hunger to build, allow things to really revert back within ourselves. It's going to allow us to take it easy for a week. Then, when you get back to the game, you're refreshed. I think we'll be ready, be really pumped, and then be off to San Francisco and do our thing."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"It doesn't matter about the past. It only matters about the present, because we're living for today, and today is all we've got. So we journey into Veterans for the last game. We're going to blow the place up. We're going to destroy it. We're going with the C-4 [plastic explosive] in a bag."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Living Quotes

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