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James Wright Quotes

12 James Wright quotes:

"I told the players in the dressing room (after the game) to look past this, and remember what we had accomplished this season. I thought we played hard ... we didn't play great ... but they showed a lot of effort and heart."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"I don't want my neighbors shooting at a dog in the neighborhood. Something has to be done about this dog."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Neighbors Quotes
"Isaiah had three players on him. He was the focal point of their defense. It was good we had other players step up."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"It is this type of leadership that promotes academic excellence in the public schools of Alabama."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Excellence Quotes
"The baby boomers are out there, they've had a lot of good years of earnings, they've inherited wealth. They are buying trophy homes and will be for years. We are one of those places people dream of. They come here to buy a piece of that dream."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"It was probably the best first half we have played in two years. Our mistakes were very few and we did the simple things right."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"I heard there was nothing but horse trailers here before for years. We've got two obstacles to overcome. The traffic pattern is not ingrained, the way they walk around here. I hope they want to come and explore the new area and see."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Obstacles Quotes
"Dedication to and his passionate zeal in managing his office and levels of responsibilities are, in my opinion, great strengths."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"(Ike) needs a facility that supports the education our students deserve."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"They can buy whatever brand they want. We will supply the finance."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Practice good personal hygiene. Wash your hands before you eat. Be aware of good clean water and food sources."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"At the beginning of last season, I'm not sure he wanted to be here. Jose was shy and it seemed like he was embarrassed about his communication."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes

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