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"I don't have to pinch myself. I knew we were going to have a good team from the beginning. It was only a surprise for you all. We knew about this last summer when we started practicing."
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"They just wanted us all to play a role; I don't think the coach wanted any of us to dominate. Mohamed and I were counted on to rebound, Lee to shoot threes and Ryan to run the team when he had to. I guess Ryan and Mohamed weren't happy in the position they were in."
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"I don't have to pinch myself. I knew it was a good team from the beginning. It's just surprising to all of y'all."
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"This game will be a lot tougher. If we just play the defense like we played the last time, maybe a little harder, we should be OK."
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"Everyone knows how good we are. We just haven't been playing to our potential a few times. A few times we let ourselves down. But I think we're a pretty good team when we do play."
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"We didn't want to be a part of their movie. No Glory Road . We didn't want to be the team in the movie that gets upset by the good guys."
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"You give yourself a little workout before you get into the game running to the scorer's table."
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"We have a lot of different people that can go out and get 10 or 15 [points ] a night, and that's tough for other teams to match up against. They might focus on two or three people when we have others."
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