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8 Bruce Burnett quotes:

"Tanner is a coach's dream. He works hard, is always striving to improve, and leads by example. Tanner is a rock-steady performer. You know exactly what you're going to get every time he steps on the mat. He will give his very best effort from start to finish."
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"We pride ourselves on being in shape. There's not a team in the country that can out-condition us."
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"This is the beginning of a new season and it doesn't matter where you are seeded or what others' expectations of you are. Everyone is 0-0 with an equal chance to become a national champion. It's all about winning and advancing at this point."
Author: Burnett Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"He's a natural leader. He leads by example first, so all the hard work and commitment that he's made to the sport of wrestling, he's put right back into the team."
Author: Burnett Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"John has really stepped up. We always knew he was capable, it's all about confidence."
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"Boy, the kids really got the job done. I'm really proud of the way we competed. Our preparation the last two weeks has been outstanding. The guys really put their heart and soul into (practice) and it paid off."
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"Joe is a thoroughbred. He has all the talent and skills it takes to be a champion."
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"Tanner has a really good opportunity because he's so consistent. He shows up and competes hard every time he steps on the mat."

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