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Richard Cooper Quotes

7 Richard Cooper quotes:

"It's not going to exercise that power for now, but it has expressly reserved this momentous power for the future."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Exercise Quotes
"The FDA is asserting power to ban this industry,"
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"The debt equity swap carried by the Chinese is beginning to be rather costly, it is this organic realization rather than pushy comments from (U.S. Treasury Secretary) John Snow that is likely to trigger a change."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"With the benefit of hindsight, most recognize that the historic reliance on equities was too much of a concentrated bet."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Benefit Quotes
"No drug or device has been regulated like this, ... It begs the question: Who gets to decide, Congress or FDA?"
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"The issue I expect to dominate the debate is whether these deficits will unwind in an orderly way or in a disorderly way."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"He (Greenspan) has a very good feel for the American economy. He absorbs a tremendous amount of information, immerses himself in the data."

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