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Niels Christensen Quotes

8 Niels Christensen quotes:

"A lot of investors want to hang on to short dollar positions. In the current environment, you don't want to fight the trend."
"Even though there was a reasonable GDP figure the market was unwilling to give the yen good support. There's a consensus building that the BOJ isn't going to move quickly and that means the good news for the economy isn't enough to boost the yen further."
"Given that the dollar was unable to really bounce on the back of lower than expected trade deficit yesterday, it seems a bit unlikely that even if the retail sales show nice gains that (it) will be able to really benefit from such data."
Author: Christensen Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"The tone from the Bank of Canada has softened lately and upbeat data are needed to intensify rate hike expectations."
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"People already have a more positive view of the European economy, so they are not that fussed. The market is a bit tired after all the dollar selling this week."
"Risk aversion is rising in the market and investors are nervous about what will happen when U.S. equities open."
Author: Christensen Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"Risk aversion is rising in the market."
Author: Christensen Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"People are reassessing the U.S. economic outlook because they had thought the recovery was jobless. People are beginning to price in the chance of a rate hike by August."

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