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"There's so much emphasis placed on the combine. The main two things for us are our doctors and we can have interaction with the players. We can formally interview 60 players."
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"That's something we have our eyes on. It's something we're tracking. We're going to see if we can get through this week and next week and if we can get back to full strength. The secondary looked like it was one of our deeper positions coming into this thing. It has obviously taken a turn."
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"I came to Cleveland because of my belief in Randy Lerner, his integrity and his commitment to making the Cleveland Browns a championship team. I am excited about continuing as GM and am more committed than ever to this franchise and to helping the organization bring the Browns fans a winner."
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"We felt like we made a lot of strides and are beginning to put some things in place that are going to help us become a winning team. We know we have a long way to go. Being in a tough division with Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cincinnati will elevate our play and elevate our standards. In order for us to compete in our own division, we're going to have to get a lot better and a lot quicker."
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"I think the comfort level would be five, six, seven spots. I don't think you'd want to go much further than that. If we have three or four players we still really like, we could move back to 16 and still get one of them."
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"It's the meat and potatoes of scouting for a 3-4 defense."
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"It's kind of like Christmas. It's on Dec. 25 and then all of a sudden they say, no, it's Jan. 3 this year. A hurry-to-wait type scenario."
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"Anytime you give up a future No. 1, it really takes away from the following year."
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"He may ultimately be the safest pick in the draft. This guy's a football player. I suspect he'll go very early, and the team that gets him will be fortunate."
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"To make a quantum leap from No. 12 to four or five, you are giving away your draft. Plus, the money is so great up there in that top five or six. I don't think we want to go down that path again. We did that last summer and we don't want to go back to it again."
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"We definitely wanted to make this happen. We feel like we've made a real nice statement to the rest of the league and to our fans that, hey, we're serious about wanting to win."
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"A running back, you can put him in the game and he's going to be running a lead or a toss, and it's basically the same thing he's been doing his whole life,"
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"That's his living. It doesn't bother me."
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"Reggie has a lot of talent. In my opinion, with Reggie Bush, more could be less and less could be more."
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"We are anxious to give him the opportunity to have a focused off-season where he can emerge as a leader on offence."
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