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9 Larry Beinfest quotes:

"There are going to be changes to this team, ... We'll wait for that payroll direction from Jeffrey. Joe will have input."
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"The expectations of this organization (are) that as a professional you'd have the courtesy to at least notify us why he left. If he was a young player maybe without any experience, you may have a little bit different tack, but this guy's been around. We're extremely disappointed."
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"Part of the beginning of this year will be patience with some of these players, allowing them to fail at times. It's a fine line. We're going to have to pick and choose and see how they respond to the challenge."
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"It's up to him. He's an experienced guy and he knows how his body feels."
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"We have some middle infielders, and we'll see. We're in Spring Training, once you get the first weeks of games in, there starts to be communications with other teams about wants and needs and teams that may have a surplus in other areas."
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"We tried to track him down starting [Thursday]. He was playing well. He looked healthy. We were happy with him, and he appeared to be happy."
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"He was playing well. He looked healthy. We were happy with him. I don't know anything else."
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"He understands the importance of pitching. And the amount of pitching and the quality of pitching we got."
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"This is one of those classic examples of the guy who got an opportunity and took advantage of it, ... He's been nothing short of outstanding. We're grateful that he's here. We've had our bullpen struggles at time and the one constant out there has been Todd."

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