Kyle Miller Quotes

6 Kyle Miller quotes:

"I thought I was 100 percent at the beginning, but they wanted to protect my leg at first. Then our offense kind of struggled, and they sent me in. Alex Rogers has worked hard this week, and he deserved to start. We just picked it up after the first quarter."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"We wanted to show everyone that the distance program is back at Texas. This is our big home meet so we felt like we had to win at least one of these relays."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"It's all about riding. Everyone wants to know if it's hard. 'How do you do that?' You don't just learn it overnight. You don't learn how to ride a bike overnight. It took me some time to ride this, but it was worth it."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"We had to get a little payback on Arkansas after what happened Friday night."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"It's been an adjustment. I'm learning everyday I play."
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"Leaders step up when you need them the most, and he certainly did that tonight."

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