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5 Matt Hall quotes:

"We definitely weren't playing our best game in the beginning and that showed. I don't know if that was from the layoff or whatever, but it was our fault."
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"I'll remember him as just a well-respected guy around his peers and a guy who was easy to communicate with. It's shocking, more than anything else, to believe we are going through this again."
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"The incoming freshman class is unbelievable. We've got kids coming from all over the nation that are top caliber and will help our chances of going to the CWS (College World Series) again."
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"After each of our first two games were over, we tried to get it out of our system and get ready for our next game. You're always sour when you come off a loss and now we're going on our third week off. We want to get these losses out of our heads and the only way we can do that is by playing."
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"There is a problem in San Marcos with some proprietors not enforcing the rules. I also know the city officials know there is a problem."
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